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For EU 28, Rest of Europe, Russia, Balkans, Turkey, Western and Central Asia 

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Oceania Technologie - Safety Solutions for Europe Ltd. (OT-SSFE Ltd.) is a specialist equipment provider to the emergency services throughout Europe and Central Asia. In 2013 we were given the distribution rights for 33 countries for products developed by US Safety Solutions. 

We would like to promote our range of products to national, regional and local teams involved in emergency and crisis response. In particularly we would like to bring to your attention two products: HazMat Smart-Strip™ and the HazMat Smart M-8 ™ strip. 

These products originate in the USA. US Safety Solutions was the designer and is the producer of the HazMat Smart-Strip™. Safety Solutions Inc worked closely with the National Technology Transfer Center in Wheeling, WV. USA. The funding was provided by NASA and FEMA, and both agencies provided valuable technical assistance in the development and testing of what became the HazMat Smart-Strip™

This is a low cost, easy-to-use chemical classifier that was designed by first responders for first responders in emergency teams and in the military.

The HazMat Smart-Strip™ is a badge which consists of 8 reagent squares. Each square detects the presence of a corresponding chemical by changing color. The strip can detect chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, nerve agents, oxidizers, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, and cyanide, in both liquid and aerosol form. 

The HazMat Smart-Strip™ is an alternative to the current method in which users attach pieces of pH paper and M-8 paper to their clothing. 

The HazMat Smart-Strip™ is cheaply priced and requires no formal training. The eight reagents are self-contained and are activated by removing the protective cover. The activated strip can be operational for 12 hours or until it is exposed to one of the eight substances. 

HazMat Smart-Strip™ are used by the U.S. Secret Service's White House security detail, the New York City Fire Department, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Federal Aviation Administration, and is now available overseas. The strip has been also extensively tested and used by NATO troops and is also civilian tested in a ISO approved laboratory. Apart from emergency response teams it is standard use in pharmaceutical and chemical industrial units. In parallel for military applications Safety Solutions has also designed the HazMat Smart M-8 ™ detector, similar to the Smart Strip, but dedicated solely to nerve agent detection. The HazMat Smart M-8 ™ detector is a vast technological improvement on existing M-8 detection systems commonly used by military forces around the World. The old M-8 system is now upgraded to make it more user-friendly for first responders and military personnel. 

Previously, soldiers in combat taped M-8 and M-9 paper to their uniforms which they “blotted” with suspect chemicals and waited 30 seconds for a response. The new device, called the “Smart M-8 Nerve Agent Badge” replaces these papers, features a clip to fasten it to a uniform, a peel-and-stick backing that allows users to affix the product to objects, and a built-in color comparison matrix so source (vapour, droplet and aerosol) agents can be INSTANTLY identifies the three main types of nerve agents. In addition, the HazMat Smart M-8 ™ which comes with a clear UV-protective layer to the front to preserve the reagent material, is packaged individually so it can be easily deployed without waste. It also can be deployed with gloves. 

Chemical detection equipment is now in common use with many civil defence units. If you require samples of these products or further referenced materials on their use and effectiveness please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safety Solutions For Europe seek National Represenatives in the Countries of the EU, CEE, The Balkans and Caucasas Region. Please contact us at

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